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Version 7.0

     This FAQ is in no means a complete guide! This is meant to be a very basic outline, and to get those new to the Jeep community familiar with some "basics." I'd recommend reading through it, let it soak in, then start asking questions, we're all here to learn and enjoy our vehicles.

Jeep Basics

Jeep Designations:
Prepare for a trip:
Wheeling Tips -
What is an SYE and do I need one?
Things to check before wheeling:
Fluid Capacities:
Maintenance Intervals:
Torque Specs:

Suspension and Lifts

Types of Lift:
Suspension Types
What to expect with a body lift install:
Can I install a suspension lift?
SOA vs SUA -
What's really involved in SOA? -
What's the best lift for my CJ / YJ?
Choosing a lift for a CJ / YJ -
What's the best lift for my TJ?
Choosing a lift for a TJ -
Why isn't my axle centered (TJ)?
What length shocks do I need?
Hydro vs. Nitro Shocks:
Can I remove my track bar?
Can I remove my sway bar?
AntiWrap Bars -
Shackle Reversal -
Wagoneer Springs for a CJ/YJ:
CJ 2.5" Front Spring Swap:
Military Wrap Springs -
Death Wobble -
Stainless vs. Rubber Brake Hoses -
Extended Brake Lines -
RTI Scores:
Gaining Flex


What gears do I have?
What gear ratio do I need?
Why do I need to regear?
What do I need to regear?
Can I install new gears?
Carrier Breaks:
Types of Differentials:
Gear Compatibility
Vacuum Disconnect:
Troubleshooting the Vacuum Disconnect:
What is axle wrap/spring wrap?
What's a high pinion axle?
Axle Splines -
Some basic axle information:
Can I wheel my Dana 35?
Do I need a locker?
Can I run a locker on the road?
I want a locker, but which one?
Locker, Front or Rear?
Full Floating vs. Semi Floating Axles -
Axle Swaps:
Ford 8.8 Swap:
Bolt in Axle Swaps -
Full Width Axles:


Alignment Terms:
DIY Alignment:
WJ Knuckle Swap:
Durango Gear Box Swap:
Tie Rod Flips -


Choosing a Winch:
Basic Recovery Information:
Installing a Winch:

Tires and Wheels

Jeep Bolt Patterns:
What size wheel should I run?
What's the biggest tire I can run?
How much air pressure should I run?
H1 Wheels:
What is backspacing?
Understanding Tire Sizes:
Metric Tire Conversion:
How do they measure tires?
Bias vs. Radial Tires:
What Tires Should I buy?
Spare Tire Mounting:


Rough Shifting -
Problems Shifting into Reverse -
GL3/GL5 Gear Oil Ratings:
Normal Oil Pressure:
2.5 to 4.0:
4.6 Strokers:
4-cylinder Upgrades
What does a motor mount lift do?
What drivetrain do I have?
Transmission Ratios:
TransferCase Ratios:
Crawl Ratio:
Hack and Tap SYE


Multi-Meter Basics:
What does this sensor do?
Normal Battery Voltages:
Diagnosing Starting Problems:
Testing Alternators:
Why Optima?
Optima Red Top or Yellow Top?
Proper Wiring:
Hooking up offroad lights:
Check Engine Light:
Relays -
Dual Battery Setups:
Resetting a TJ ECM:
Blazer Blower Motor Upgrade
Tarus Fan Swap
TJ Gauge Cluster Problems - No BUSS


Truck Bed Liner For Jeeps -
Converting From a Hard-Top to Soft-Top:
Converting From a Soft-Top to a Hard-Top:
TJ Flares for your CJ/YJ:
Restoring Faded TJ Flares:


What Should I do First?
On-Board Air
Minimum Recommended Tools:
Brake Bleeding:
My speedometer doesn't seem right?
Hand Throttle:
What kind of fluid do I need?
Towing a Jeep -
Grade 5 Vs. Grade 8:
Removing Torx Bolts:
Steel and Tubing Basics:
Roll Bar Padding:
Types of Silicone:
Approach, Departure and Breakover Angles
What's a Stinger For ?

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