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Suspension Types
This section is designed to help explain different kinds of suspensions. Mainly for identification purposes.
Leaf Spring Variations:
SUA: Spring under axle the leaf springs are mounted under the axle. This image will help:
Spring Under Axle

SOA: Spring over axle the leaf springs are mounted on top the axle. This image will help:
Spring Over Axle

3/4 Elliptic: In this suspension, instead of the top half of the shackle being mounted permanently to the frame, it bolts to half a leaf spring, that bolts to the frame. This allows the the shackle, and leaf spring to separate from the frame increasing the amount of droop the suspension has. This image will help:
Three Quarter Elliptic

1/4 Elliptic: This is still an "exotic" leaf sprung suspension. In this setup only half a leaf spring is used, and its mounted upside to the frame. This image will help. This setup will allow some incredible flex, still give a good ride quality, and its different. However this setup usually has to be accompanied by a link setup (3 or 4 link, etc.) of some sort to locate the axle.

These next options aren't necessarily strictly coil spring options, they could be used with air-shocks, or 1/4 elliptic springs as well.
Coil Spring Variations:
3-link: Three links obviously use three mount points on the axle, two typically on the lower side of the axle to locate the axle, then one on top to control the pinion angle. A panard bar or track bar must be used to locate the axle. This image will help:
3 Link Suspension

Triangulated 4-Link: Triangulated 4-links are the way most four wheelers go. They locate the axle reliably without a track bar. This image will help:
Triangulated 4 Link

Parallel 4-Link: A parallel 4-link still uses 4 mount points on the axle, but it requires a track bar. This setup basically isn't used in the off-road world. This image will help:
Parallel 4 Link

Radius Arms: This setup uses four mount points on the axles like a 4-link but only two mount points on the frame. The upper links are built into the lower control arms. This image will help:
Radius Arms



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