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Quick Reference

Axle Identification Axle Identification - An easy to use guide to identify axles.
Fluid Capacities Fluid Capacities: - Here you'll find out fluid types and capacities for your Jeep.
Maintenance Intervals Maintenance Intervals: - Here you'll find the recommend change intervals for various things on your Jeep.
OBD I Trouble Codes OBD I Trouble Code List - Check engine light codes for 95 and older.
OBD II Trouble Codes OBD II Trouble Code List - Check engine light codes for 96 and newer.
Power Steering Line O-Ring Replacements Power Steering Gear O-ring - Power Steering Gearbox O-ring replacement size.
Torque Specs Torque Specs: - Here you'll find all the common torque specs for your Jeep.

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