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Torque Specs:
If you work on your Jeep any at all you need a torque wrench. Did you know that the number one cause of warped rotors is improperly tightened lug nuts? Every fastner on your Jeep has a torque spec, some of these are critical, some are not so critical. Note that a torque wrench is a calibrated tool, never use it as a breaker bar and never store it with it adjusted tight, always back it off to its lowest setting when storing it. Also note that some of these specs are in in-lbs and some are in ft-lbs, there is a huge difference between the two, pay close attention to this.
Common Torque Specs
Spark Plugs27 ft-lbs
Oil Drain Plug 6-cylinder30 ft-lbs
Oil Drain Plug 4-cylinder25 ft-lbs
Automatic Transmission Pan Bolts12 ft-lbs
Manual Transmission Fill Plug18 - 25 ft-lbs
Manual Transmission Drain Plug18 - 25 ft-lbs
Transfer Case Fill Plug22 ft-lbs
Transfer Case Drain Plug22 ft-lbs
Diff Cover Bolts35 ft-lbs
Diff Fill Plug25 ft-lbs
Lug Nuts85 - 95 ft-lbs
Oxygen Sensor22 ft-lbs
2.5 4-cylinder
88 and older Head Bolts (except front driverside bolt)85 ft-lbs.
88 and older Front Driverside Head Bolt75 ft-lbs
89 and newer Head Bolts (except front driverside bolt)110 ft-lbs.
89 and newer Front Driverside Head Bolt100 ft-lbs
Flywheel Bolts50 ft-lbs + 60 degrees
Flexplate Bolts40 ft-lbs + 60 degrees
Intake Manifold Bolts23 ft-lbs
Oil Pan Bolts 7/16 Head7 ft-lbs
Oil Pan Bolts 1/2 Head11 ft-lbs
Valve Cover (Cork with RTV)55 in-lbs
Valve Cover (Rubber)44 in-lbs
Water Pump Bolts13 ft-lbs
Fan Clutch to Water Pump15 - 22 ft-lbs
Fan to Fan Clutch18 ft-lbs
Thermostat Housing Bolts13 ft-lbs
4.0 and 4.2 6-cylinder
Head Bolts 4.285 ft-lbs
Head Bolts 4.0 Except front driverside110 ft-lbs
Front Driverside Head Bolt 4.0100
Flywheel Bolts105 ft-lbs
Flexplate Bolts105 ft-lbs
Intake/Exhaust Manifold Bolts (Except bottom out two)23 ft-lbs
Bottom Outer Two Intake/Exhaust Manifold Bolts17 ft-lbs
Oil Pan Bolts 7/16 Head84 in-lbs
Oil Pan Bolts 1/2 Head132 in-lbs
Valve Cover (Cork with RTV)28 in-lbs
Valve Cover (Rubber)55 in-lbs
Water Pump Bolts9 - 18 ft-lbs
Fan Clutch to Water Pump18 ft-lbs
Fan to Fan Clutch18 ft-lbs
Thermostat Housing Bolts13 ft-lbs
Manual Transmissions
Bellhousing Bolts 3/8 Bolts27 ft-lbs
Bellhousing Bolts 7/16 Bolts43 ft-lbs
Bellhousing Bolts M12 Bolts55 ft-lbs
4-cylinder Pressure Plate Bolts23 ft-lbs
6-cylinder Pressure Plate Bolts40 ft-lbs
Automatic Transmissions
Bellhousing Bolts M10 Bolts25 ft-lbs
Bellhousing Bolts M12 Bolts42 ft-lbs
Torque Converter to Flexplate Nuts40 ft-lbs
Transfer Case
Transfer Case to Transmission Nuts26 ft-lbs
YJ - TJ Dana 30 - 35
U-joint Strap Bolts14 ft-lbs
Vacuum Disconnect Bolts108 in-lbs
Hub Bearing to Steering Knuckle Bolts75 ft-lbs
Front axleshaft Hub Nut175 ft-lbs
Brake Caliper Bolts 87-8925 - 35 ft-lbs
Brake Caliper Bolts 90 - 06132 in-lbs
Banjo Bolt Front Calipers23 ft-lbs
YJ Suspension
Shackle Bolts - Spring Side95 ft-lbs
Shackle Bolts - Frame Side105 ft-lbs
Shock Bolts40 ft-lbs
TJ Suspension
Upper Control Arm Bolts55 ft-lbs
Upper Control Arm Bolts55 ft-lbs
Front Lower Control Arm Bolts (Axle Side)85 ft-lbs
Front Lower Control Arm Bolts (Frame Side)130 ft-lbs
Rear Lower Control Arm Bolts130 ft-lbs
Pitman Arm Nut185 ft-lbs
Gear Box Mounting Bolts65 ft-lbs
Tie-Rod Nuts35 ft-lbs
Tie-Rod Adjustment Clamp Nuts14 ft-lbs


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