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My Buildup

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While I can't stand multiple page articles, my build up is over a hundred images these days, it's time to split this up into a few pages.
This is my YJ as I bought it. Completely stock, Sahara, 4.0, 5spd, cruise, A/C, block heater, yada, yada, yada.
OhioYJ Stock Jeep
Check out the flex:
OhioYJ Stock Jeep Flex
So I had the itch to lift my Jeep some, so I found some 2" lift shackles for my Jeep and added some 31x10.5 ATs. If I had to choose anyone point that I thought my Jeep looked its best, I'd say its right here, I love the 2" lift 31" tire look.
YJ 2 Inch Lift 31 Inch Tires
YJ 2 Inch Lift 31 Inch Tires
My first custom project for the Jeep was a hi-lift jack hood mount.
HiLift Jack Hood Mount
So after "wheeling" my Jeep through some puddles it was clear I need more lift and bigger tires. This my Jeep with the 2" lift shackles, a 4" RoughCountry lift, and a 3" body lift, with 33x12.50s on 15x10 wheels.
9 Inch Lift YJ 33 Inch Tires
As a reminder if your Jeep is covered in wet mud when you get home at 1 AM, and its 20 degrees outside, if you lock your doors you won't be able to unlock them in the morning, luckly I had another vehicle to drive in the morning.
Mud Covered Jeep
Rubbing 33s isn't a problem now, finally some real flex:
Flexed YJ
The next mod on the list was TJ Flares, flat fendering, and truck bed lining the tub. I ordered some used TJ Flares, and went to work.
TJ Flares on a YJ
TJ Flares installed, and flat fendered:
Flat Fender YJ with TJ Flares
Truck bedliner prep work:
Truck Bed Liner Jeep Tub
Truck bedliner completed:
Truck Bed Liner Jeep Tub
So it was about this time that I decided locking the Dana35 was a good idea. I'm easy on the skinny pedal, why not? Yeah so the very first trip out, I destroyed the Dana35. Bad part is that it went just letting out the clutch nice and easy getting ready to do an obstacle, I wasn't even to any aggressive terrain yet. Worst part of it was that after 7 hours of calling and searching I find a new Dana35 shaft, only to find out I can't replace the shat as the carrier distorted and the center pin won't come out, so nothing short of torching the carrier open will get this axle apart.
Broken Dana 35
So not wanting to repeat this experience, I opted to the replace the Dana35 with a Ford 8.8. Since I was welding on perches, why not go SOA too at the same time? This is my Jeep SOA on 4" RoughCountry leafs, stock shackles and a 3" body lift, on 33" tires. In this picture you can just barely see that my wrap bar is on the wrong side too, lessons learned I guess.
After the broken axle experience I realized how much I need a winch, so I added a Tabor 9000 pound winch.
Tabor Winch
Some SOA flex, finally clearing 33s:
SOA YJ Flexed
I decided I wanted a new rear bumper and decided to build a new one:
Custom YJ Rear Bumper
Mrs.OhioYJ came up with the idea of capping the ends off with Pinions, one of them is from my Broken Dana35, the other is from the Dana30.
Custom Bumper Caps
Hunting for a gas station to air up your tires really gets old, so after several recommendations for the PUMA unit I decided to add one to my Jeep. Initially I built a box to turn it on and off as I wished.
PUMA Onboard Air Wiring
Jeep Onboard Air
So I had decided I needed larger tires, and a front locker, which meant the 30 had to go, and I swapped in a Waggy 44, locked of course with a true high-steer setup with 1-ton tie-rod ends.
YJ Waggy 44 Swap
Well the Waggy44 was 6-lug, so I had to buy new rims, and they might as well be beadlocks right? 32-bolt, Allied Rock-a-thons, 15x10 4" backspace. Now the 8.8 needed to be converted to 6-lug as well, so might as well be with Moser Custom Alloy shafts, and since I had it apart, might as well throw in a locker.
Allied Beadlocks
Wagoneer Dana 44 Under YJ
All the axle work finally down, sitting on 36x12.50s.
YJ on 36 Inch Swampers
With the new higher center of gravity I wanted a real roll cage. This was taken while I was removing the interior to start the roll cage add-ons.
YJ Custom Roll Cage
Tacking new pieces in place:
YJ Custom Roll Cage
Roll cage removed for final welding:
YJ Custom Roll Cage
So it took Dave and I all weekend, but we got it done:
YJ Custom Roll Cage
YJ Custom Roll Cage
YJ Custom Roll Cage
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