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My Buildup


My Buildup

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I guess my alternator had been through one too many mud puddles, so it got replaced with a 136 amp alternator from a V10 Dodge.
Jeep Alternator Upgrade
Next is one of my favorite mods, my rock sliders, 1/4" wall, welded directly to the frame.
Custom YJ Rock Sliders
YJ Rock Sliders
My Jeep at this stage sort of reached a stopping point, and mods slowed down quite a bit, mainly I just wheeled and enjoyed it for a while:
So I had determined my shocks where a limiting factor on my rig, so after some thought I came up with a completely new idea. Actually filed for a patent on it too. My 13" travel ProComp shocks were limiting my travel, I need something longer, but that would still compress short enough so I didn't loose any compression, and dropping a bunch of cash on fancy longer travel shocks was not an option. So opted to use two shocks instead of one:
Custom Double Shock Setup
On the bottom of this picture is a 13" ProComp shock, fully extended next to my setup, the kicker though is my setup still compresses to the same length as the standard shock:
Double Shock Setup
So I don't know why I put off the hand throttle mod for so long, it ended up only costing me $11. Its one of the most useful things I did to my Jeep:
DIY Hand Throttle
I had joked around about building a new front bumper for quite a while, one with a big obnoxious stinger. I was really proud of how well the gear box skid turned out:
Custom Front Bumper
During final welding:
Custom YJ Front Bumper
Oh yeah, thats a big stinger.
Huge Stinger
I decided it was time to really make use of that larger alternator and go to a dual battery setup. This is one mod that I thought would be quick and easy, let me be the first to say building a battery tray sucks, there are 11 mount points on the factory tray, putting them all back was a PITA.
Custom Dual Battery Tray
YJ Dual Battery Tray
My standard 5/16" winch cable was looking pretty rough, so I opted to replace it with some 3/8" cable:
Heavy Duty Winch Cable
I was getting tired of hitting my skid plate on things every time I went wheeling, so I decided to remove the transfer case drop, pretty easy mod, I just removed it.
Removed Transfer Case Drop
After putting this much work into my Jeep I wanted it to be rather difficult for someone to steal, so I opted to add in my own version of a kill switch. 100 ft. of wiring later this switch panel serves multiple purposes. To start my Jeep it takes two keys and a combination of switches, flip the wrong switches or don't have both keys the horn comes on and stays on. The switches also control accessories on the Jeep like the OBA.
Custom YJ Switch Panel
I didn't think I'd ever add a cold air intake, it just seemed sort of ricer for a Jeep. However, after several good friends gaining gas mileage after doing it, I decided I'd try it. I can't just go buy something, for one thats exspensive, and two thats not my style. I decided to build my own out of 3" exhaust pipe and a deep well socket.
Custom YJ Cold Air Intake
So I scored some new lights for my Jeep, and I had some new ideas. I added a light bar to the front of my bumper, and moved the winch solenoid under the hood.
YJ Off Road Lights
Added a front license plate mount for my bumper, so I'm actually all legal now.
Front Plate Mount
Two new KC's mounted:
KC Light Mount
Also added some 55-watt backup lights, which have proved to be very handy, even just as camp lights when necessary.
Aux Reverse Lights
Also added some 55-watt dome lights, one for the front and one for the rear, finding stuff in the Jeep is no longer a problem at night.
Extra Dome Lights
To control the new lights, I added another switch panel, which also houses the winch remote hook-up now, much nicer to plug in the winch remote from inside the Jeep.
Custom Switch Panel
I had to cut the skid plate some as I found out when I removed the transfer case drop my front driveshaft no longer cleared the skid plate, oops.
YJ Skid Plate Modification
I finally replaced my leaking cowl seal, so I decided to go ahead and put in a real radio. Just a cheapo Pioneer unit, but it plays MP3s.
YJ Radio Upgrade
Since I had the dash out anyways, figured I'd better go ahead and ditch the factory 4x6s, the radio sounds a lot better now.
YJ Speaker Upgrade
I came across a really good deal for some 37" GoodYear MT/Rs, so I figured that was a good time to freshen up the beadlocks as well. The rings got a treatment of OD Green, the wheels where re-painted black, then both where clear coated.
YJ on 37s
YJ on 37s with Beadlocks
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