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My Buildup

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I made some small covers to cover the holes I cut in the back of the speaker box. Primarily just to keep some debris out of them.
Speaker Covers
The driver side floor heater drop also dropped off right behind the box as well, so I made a small extension so it now ends roughly at the box. This should prevent heating the backside of the box (and radio), and directs heat towards the drivers feet.
Heater Extension
My Jeep has leaked power steering fluid for quite some time. Not helping matters was the mix of parts. I finally broke down and had custom power steering lines made. Wish I would have known it didn't cost much more than regular lines. No more leaks.
Custom Power Steering Lines
Added a power steering cooler as well. I don't like the way this mounts though. I want to swap this out for one that mounts like the one I used on my 370.
Power Steering Cooler
Finally found replacement trim panel for my hardtop as well. It had been broken since I bought the Jeep.
Hardtop Trim
My Jeep isn't used for competition, but the harnesses still need replaced every so often. I came across this article about this subject, from PRP, which brings up non-competition vehicles even: Why You Should Replace Your Harnesses Every Two Years It's pretty interesting actually.
Hardtop Trim
In preparation for my brake system upgrade I had custom brake hoses made for my rear axle. I couldn't find anyone making anything but Explorer style 8.8 hoses. Which wasn't what I was looking for. A local shop was able to put these together for me.
Custom Ford 88 Brake Hoses
I found out though my new lines where thinner and the banjo bolts were too long. The quick fix so I could keep working on things that day was cut the banjo bolt down and smooth it out.
Modifing Banjo Bolts
Had to make new brackets to mount the brake hoses.
Brake Hose Mounting Bracket
The rear lines are the easiest as they are nice short runs.
Rear Axle Brake Lines
The master cylinder I'm using for this "upgrade" is for a 1978 Grand Marquis with 4 wheel disc brakes. The bolt pattern is the same but the depth is different which must be account for. I've seen people do this a couple different ways. I chose to make a spacer using some stainless from my local hardware store (taking careful measurements between the two master-cylinders to determine length of the spacer).
Master Cylinder Spacer
Master Cylinder Spacer
Then the spacer is sleeved.
Master Cylinder Spacer Sleeve
Stock master cylinder compared to the new one.
Master Cylinder Spacer Sleeve
I'm using an adjustable Wilwood unit for a proportioning valve.
Wilwood Proportioing Valve
I did use a O-Ring from the local hardware store to seal the master cylinder to the brake booster. Other than that it mounted it right up.
Jeep Custom Master Cylinder
The next hurdle was my old intake no longer fit due to the larger master cylinder. My only solution was to run a TJ intake. Fitting the AEM TJ intake only required a couple brackets, and some minor trimming to the right side of the heat shield. The trimming to the left side is optional.
TJ Intake Brackets
Since my motor is lifted I could not run the throttle body spacer, and I did have to trim down the intake tube to make it sit a little lower. Other than that, it pretty much bolted right on.
TJ Intake on YJ
For many years I've dealt with my transmission not shifting right. I finally decided to rebuild it.
AX15 Tear Down
Everything torn apart.
AX15 Disassembled
Transmission cases after a quick bath in some dawn dish soap and dried.
Clean Transmission Cases
As with any rebuild all the bearings and synchros were replaced. However I also ended up replacing the synchro hubs / sliders (all), second, and fifth gear as well.
AX15 Rebuilt
While everything was out it was a good time to rebuild the transfer case as well. It had been seeping fluid for a little while now.
231 Rebuild
New super short SYE installed.
Teraflex Extreme Short SYE
While everything was out I figured it would be a good time to service the rear driveshaft. To my surprise the rear U-joints on the transfer case side came out by hand. So everything got replaced.
CV Driveshaft Rebuild
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