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My Buildup


My Buildup

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Had to further add to my roll cage so the new seats and harnesses bolted to the cage, and not a combination of cage and tub like factory.
In the process of adding the bars for the seats, and gussets everywhere. The gussets probably weren't necessary, but while I was welding, why not?
Custom YJ Roll Cage
After a coat of paint. Yes I skin coated everything with bondo, it was just to make everything look finished.
Custom YJ Roll Cage
Custom YJ Roll Cage
Realized about half way through (too late to stop) that I measured the height I wanted the seats at, but didn't check to see if the cage would clear the transmission tunnel. Thankfully I got lucky.
Custom YJ Roll Cage
Roll cage back in the Jeep:
Custom YJ Roll Cage
So my paint has picked up scratches here there and everywhere. Lets face it, if you wheel your Jeep it's going to take some damage. So I decide to paint my Jeep, always like the OD Green.
In the process of being painted OD, notice the hood is still factory green.
OD Green YJ
Can't have OD green without an invasion star on the hood. Enlisted the help of Mom for this one.
OD Green Jeep
With USA markings and a "serial" number on the hood of course too:
Miltary Green Jeep
After some wet sanding the doors matched, this before the final sanding, so the doors appear a different color.
OD Green Jeep
Unfortunately the OD Green being a flat paint, didn't hold up real well. As with all flat paints they have a tendency to "wash off". After freshening it up twice, I decided time for another strategy.
This time I clear coated the OD green, then wet sanded it to dull down the shine a bit. My hope is the clear coat will help protect the flat paint, so far it seems to be working.
Olive Drab YJ
Also this time I used tan for the invasion star and numbering, just because I liked it better than the white.
OD Green Jeep
The numbers on the side this time, was my brothers call sign for his last deployment.
Clear Coated OD Green
Unfortunately in my early days of wheeling, I sucked up water in the motor, twice. I think it finally took it's toll. Below was my oil pressure with 20w50, and Lucas Oil Stabilizer in it. Right before I pulled the motor, it actually dropped lower.
Jeep Engine Rebuild
Decided it was time to swap a WJ intake in while I was doing the motor swap.
WJ Intake Swap
Old motor pulled.
Jeep Engine Swap
Well the new engine in, with the new radiator as well. Started cleaning up some of the excess and uneeded wiring, but as you can see I still have some more work to do:
YJ Radiator
New YJ/early TJ header, along with the TJ exhaust down pipe. The TJ pipe gets the exhaust up higher than the YJ pipe, as long as getting it away from the driveshaft too:
TJ Exhaust on YJ
Knock off "Flowmaster", just straight pipe between the header and muffler now.
Knockoff Flowmaster on YJ
Stainless tip, almost a little too much bling for my Jeep, but I couldn't resist. It's a nice little touch, even if it's not very noticeable:
Exhaust tip on Jeep
All this work on the Jeep has been making me do a bunch of other TLC stuff the Jeep needed. I must be getting old, because the Jeep is really starting to feel cold inside this winter. After driving it with holes everywhere for the last ~8 winters I decided to start filling holes. Since most of them where old mounting holes, or holes for drainage purposes, I just put bolts in all of them. 30+ bolts later I've plugged all but 4 drain holes. Also finally replaced the gasket around the hardtop/tub too. Overall it's made a huge difference in the inside temperature of the Jeep. Also has improved my over pressurization of the cab area, but it's still an issue, going to have to work up some sort of vent evidently.
Filling holes in Jeep Tub
While cleaning out the garage, I found some window tint from ~12 years ago when I tinted my Olds windows myself. One of the rolls looked to match the tint on the side windows of my hard top (factory tinted), so I decided to try tinting the rear window to match myself. So far it seems to be sticking good, no bubbles. If it peels off I'll just pay the guy who did my car to do this one too, but so far it seems to be working.
Tinting Hard top Glass
For a long time I've had an idea to build a trunk in the rear of the Jeep out of metal to organize my stuff, even thought about some sort of pull out drawer. For the mean time instead of everything rolling/sliding around in the back of the Jeep, whipped out a basic framework out of some scrap 2x4 to sort of organize stuff:
Jeep Tub Organization
Well ever since I re-did my roll cage I've missed not having a console or cup holders. Fixed the cup holders part at least. Built this last week, it's just some flat plate, with two exhaust couplers. My father-in-law coated them for me. They bolt to the stock seat bolts.
Custom Jeep Cup Holders
Custom Cup Holders
Decided to convert everything to blue LEDs, may not go with my OD Green, but I like the blue.
Jeep Blue Dash Lights
After all these years, I decided it was time to correct my speedometer, used a SpeedoDRD:
Jeep Speedometer Correction
Ever since I drove CrazyDan's YJ, I've wanted a short shifter. Just hasn't been high on the priority list. Finally picked one up.
Jeep Short Shifter
Finally admitted that my 31x10.5 street tires weren't saving me anything. I actually was getting better gas mileage on my 37s with the heavy beadlocks. So I picked up a set of 35x12.5 BFG ATs.
YJ on 35s
My CB cable had gone bad, so I had to at least replace the cable. I also couldn't find my antenna or mount at the time, so I just decided to buy new everything.
This time I routed the cable under the Jeep instead of through the tailgate, hopefully that will prevent any future problems. Also went for a stainless steel spring, instead of the chrome spring I had before.
YJ Stainless CB Antenna Spring
The new CB is a Cobra 29 LX. Pretty big step up from my very basic one I had before.
Cobra 29 LX in Jeep
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