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Types of Differentials -
Big misconception here, if you have a limited slip or a posi, it is NOT a locker. Get stuck somewhere and you will quickly find out it is not a locker.
Open Open differentials are what the majority of stock vehicles have. They are just a case with 4 spider gears inside, this is where you get one wheel peel.
Limited Slip This can be referred to by many names (Posi, Trac Loc, etc.). This is similar to an open differential but there are clutches on the sides of the spider gears to "lock" them together, however a limited slip can let just one wheel spin in situations. Limited slips also require an oil additive.
Locker This is a type of differential that mechanically locks the axles together. Many lockers will disengage so the tires can still turn different speeds to go around corners, but under load they fully lock up. The are many types of lockers, full case, insertable, air, cable, and electric. A full case replaces the whole carrier which has the advantage of having a stronger carrier than using an insertable unit. The insertable units just replace the spider gears and use the stock carrier an advantage to these is that they are cheap, and require no special tools to install. Air, Cable, and Electric lockers engage only when you flip the switch, or pull the cable.
Spool A spool fully locks the axle shafts together, it will never unlock. Both tires always have to spin the same speed.

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