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I want a locker, but which one?
With lockers you have several choices, lunchbox, full case, selectable, or a spool.
Lunchbox lockers Lunchbox lockers are cheap and easy way to gain traction off-road. These lockers replace the spider gears in your carrier. These also have the added benefit of installing with regular old hand tools, and no differential setup knowledge is required. These can be done in the driveway in a matter of a couple of hours.
Full case Full case lockers are more expensive and work the same as a lunchbox locker. However a full case locker is still stronger because of the casing. However since the full case locker will replace your stock carrier your backlash will have to be reset, meaning some differential setup is required.
Selectable Air, Electric, and Cable selectable lockers are available. A selectable locker has the advantage of being an open diff when unlocked. This eliminates all the quirks when driving on the road. Again you will have to replace the stock carrier with these so some differential setup is required.
Spool Spools are slowly gaining popularity. You can get mini-spools for use with C-clip axles that replace the spider gears and use the stock carrier no differential setup is required. Full spools replace the whole carrier, and cannot be used with C-clips, some differential setup is required. Spools will wear tires quicker than a locker and every time you turn a corner your axle shafts will get a slight tweaking from the tires trying to turn different speeds. While spools are harder on shafts and tires than a locker, they are the ultimate* in traction aids, it will never unlock. These should only be used in the rear axle.

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