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Death Wobble
First thing is clear up a slight vibration or shimmy is not death wobble. Death wobble normally only occurs in coil sprung Jeeps. Death Wobble typically happens at a higher speed, and usually initiated by something, typically a bump in the road. When the death wobble cycle starts, the Jeep will violently start shaking, and vibrating, it will feel as the front end is hopping off the ground. It is only slowed down or stopped by slowing down, or stopping the vehicle. A vehicle that experiences death wobble is not safe to drive as it cannot be controlled. The death wobble is created by energy be stored and released in a repeating pattern. If you experience death wobble, start checking front end components for play (Track bar, Tie-rod ends, and Ball joints). Also check your alignment. Bad tires can also cause death wobble, check to make sure your tires are true and balanced.

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