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Roll Bar Padding:
Choosing the correct type of roll bar padding is very important. You should never use pool noodles, or water pipe insulation. I know some think that its better than nothing, but the truth is, its just as dangerous as nothing.
True roll bar padding tends to be a bit more expensive, but this is a safety issue, it has to be done right. You should be aware too that not all padding that says "roll bar padding" is necessarily safe to use. What you want to look for when buying roll bar padding is SFI certification. This means the padding has been tested, and passed SFI's standards. Also note that many companies sell two different types of padding one that is SFI certified, and one that is not,.
Obviously anything that carries the SFI certification is going to cost a little more. On my roll cage the parts near my head or limbs get SFI certified padding, everything in the back (there is no seat for rear passengers) gets standard old cheap padding.

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