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What tires should I buy?
There is no good answer to this question. Every tire has its good points, and its bad points. Most people choose one of three tire types, AT, MT, or MT/R. Keeping this very simple, ATs are the most street friendly, have long tread life, and have great traction in rain and snow. MTs are generally a more aggressive tread with high void areas, making them work great in mud, but not they aren't the greatest in rainy conditions. Todays MTs have a decent treadlife all things considered. MT/Rs are sort of a modified MT tread, not quite as aggressive, but are more street friendly than a MT, generally longer treadlife, better wet road traction than the MT, and provide great traction on rocks. However they don't perform very well in the mud, so its a trade off. Many people who run mixed terrain with some street driving, choose MTs. People who run lots of rock, and a fair amount of street driving, choose the MT/R. Jeeps that will remain on the road most of the time, an AT tire is a good choice.
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