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Bias vs. Radial Tires:
For the most part two types of tires are offered, Bias Ply and Radial tires. Bias ply tires are sort of old school, they have no steel belts in them of any sort. They are made using angled layers of rubber usually reinforced with nylon cords. Because of this design bias ply tires generally have to be thicker to be as strong. This makes them more puncture resistant, however they also weigh more and run hotter (Both of which affect many things, like gas mileage for one). Bias ply tires are more prone to flatspotting in cold weather than radial tires. The majority of tires made today are radial. Radial tires have steel cords and belts running through the layers of rubber. The steel makes the tires stronger with fewer layers. This means a radial tire will generally be lighter and run cooler. Radial tires tend to ride smoother, and handle better.
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