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Why Optima?
With Optima Batteries being at least twice the price of a standard battery why would anyone consider them? Optima is a sealed, spiral cell, AGM battery. Your standard wet style battery is not sealed and uses traditional plates. A traditional battery will leak acid out on steep inclines and in roll over situations. Optima batteries can safely be used upside down, right side up, it doesn't matter, and it can't leak. Optima batteries also do much better in high vibration environments, like four wheeling. Take a standard battery with a 800 CCA rating, and place a 800 amp load on it, and most wet batteries will drop to 10.7-10.8, 10.5 being the bare minimum. Take an Optima battery rated at 800 CCA, and place an 800 amp load on it, and most will be a good deal above 11.0 volts, most will hold closer to 11.2. Optimas may be more money, but they are a stronger, safer, long lasting battery.
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