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What's the best lift for my TJ?
There is no good answer here. You have three ways to lift your TJ, suspension lift, coil spacers, body lift.
Suspension Lift - There are good and bad points to every lift kit, they are all different. Some will give you more lift than others, some will ride better, some are cheaper, and some come with extras (Ex: sway bar disconnects). They make short arm kits, and long arm kits for TJs, above in this FAQ these kits are explained. I can only recommend you shop around a little, see what fits your budget, decide what exactly you will be doing with your Jeep, then ask opinions about various lifts.
Coil Spring Spacers - Spacers are a cheap easy way to gain up to 2" of lift on a TJ. This is where many people start.
Body Lift - As mentioned above this only lifts the body to clear larger tires, available 1" - 3".

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