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Choosing a lift for a TJ -
Ok so you've decided you want to lift your TJ and you've read about types of lift for a TJ. But now what kind do you need? There are pros and cons of each kind of lift.
Body lifts are cheap, have a minimal affect on your center of gravity, don't require any other driveline modifications, and they are relatively easy to install. Of course on the downside, many don't like how they look, they don't provide any extra ground clearance for the frame, and they do place extra leverage on the body mount, however for the most part this isn't a huge concern.
Coil Spacers Or budget boost, is the way many people start out. Since they are a suspension lift, you will get extra ground clearance, but retain the factory springs so the ride quality will remain the same. Normally no extra driveline modifications will be needed, and the install can be done in a couple of hours.
Short Arm are your basic lift for a TJ. They retain basically stock length control arms, which can affect ride quality as road shock will be transmitted more directly to the body. As with any suspension lift you will be raising the center of gravity. A short arm kit is acceptable solution for most people. Additionally driveline modifications maybe required depending on lift height.
Long Arm is the ultimate bolt on lift solution for a TJ. The control arm mounting points are changed, which gives a better ride, better articulation, and better axle location. However a long arm kit is considerably more money than a short arm, and for many the extra cost can not be justified.

Well now for my opinion, remember this is just my opinion, and the board is here for a reason so don't hesitate to ask questions. For a TJ most people start out with coil spacers. If you just want to clear 31"-32" tires a budget boost is without a doubt a good choice. In my opinion I would go this route over a 2" spring lift. If you plan on running 33" or larger tires, you should be looking at a 4" lift. The long arm kit will perform better and ride better, however, they cost quite a bit more. Many choose a short arm kit, and it will function very well. Whether the extra performance is worth the big price jump, that's up to you. While many use coil spacers on top of the lift springs, I would recommend you go with a body lift to gain additional clearance if necessary. Driveline angles are hard to keep right with a short arm kit as is, why add more lift into the equation.
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