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Can I install a suspension lift?
Installing a suspension lift on a Jeep isn't as big of a job as it first seems. If you normally do most of your own work, things like tune-ups, alternators, water pumps, etc, you can handle a suspension lift install. You will need basic hand tools, a good jack, and jack stands. If you need them, the specialty tools, like spring compressors, and pitman arm pullers can be rented. I know most of us throw the instructions in the trash, but resist the temptation, read through the instructions that came with your lift, it will help give you some direction. Its recommended that you soak every bolt that must come out in PBBlaster well in advance, usually the week before the install people will soak the bolts a couple times a day. Its also a good idea to double check all the parts your received with your lift just to make sure nothing is missing. Also much of the lift can be done in ahead of time. I prefer to do little things like transfer case drop, track bar relocation brackets, install bushings, and brake hoses earlier in the week. Then by the weekend you can concentrate on the major stuff, the odds and ends are already done. You'll probably want to have at least friend over to help with this kind of project.

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