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What is an SYE and do I need one?
A slip yoke eliminator does just that eliminates the slip yoke at the end of the transfer case. It does three things, strengthens the transfer case, won't allow fluid to drain out the tail house should your driveshaft get destroyed so it can't run dry, and most importantly it shortens the transfer case and allows a longer driveshaft to be used to improve driveline angles, and eliminate vibrations. You will need a new rear driveshaft. Many choose to install a CV style driveshaft when they do the SYE.
If you only have a 2" lift, don't need one. Some say they are needed for a 4" and above lift. My opinion, they aren't 100% necessary, if they were the kit would include it. However keep in mind, the SYE is still stronger, will allow extended U-joint life, and can fix vibrations caused by the drivetrain.
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