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So I just weld perches on right? Not quite. What are you going to do about spring wrap? Like replacing leaf springs, or broken pinion yokes, because that's what will happen when you start wrapping springs. What about steering, that drag link isn't going to clear the leaf springs? Did you get longer brake lines yet? How's your rear pinion angle going to look? Spring over has its advantages, but it also has its problems. The extra leverage the SOA gives the axle can give you some serious flex. A rear anti-wrap bar should be considered a must, the front will wrap some too, but many get away without a wrap bar on the front. My front springs wrap some but nothing to bad. Next the bent draglink, yes you can bend that draglink to clear the springs, is this a good idea, not exactly. The correct fix to this would be a high-steer system. Depending on what you choose for steering you may or may not need a dropped pitman arm. There are several options here, knuckle swaps, aftermarket kits, I've seen solutions from $100 to $700 so do some research first. The brake lines can be relocated to make them long enough, but its still a good idea to get an extended set. If you expect U-joints and such to live a SYE kit is recommended, which will also require a new rear driveshaft.
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