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SOA vs. SUA -
SUA- SUA just like any lift has advantages and disadvantages. For many this is a good choice, as you can just bolt on a SUA lift and don't have consider anything else. A SUA lift will also offer a slightly lower center of gravity compared to a SOA. SUA suspensions also control axle wrap very well. However to achieve the same amount of lift as a SOA conversion, the springs must have more arch, resulting in a stiffer ride/less articulation. SUA also reduces ground clearance as all the u-bolts, springs and brackets are underneath the axle.
SOA- Even with all SOAs problems, it has some major advantages. The most important is better articulation. A SOA gives enough lift and still allow the use of flatter leaf springs, resulting in a better ride and articulation. Of course you still have to deal with caster angle, pinion angle, steering, and driveshaft issues. SOA also increase ground clearance, as it helps get everything above the axle.

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