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Choosing a lift for a CJ / YJ -
Ok so you've decided you want to lift your YJ and you've read about types of lift for a YJ. But now what kind do you need? There are pros and cons of each kind of lift.
Body lifts are cheap, have a minimal affect on your center of gravity, don't require any other driveline modifications, and they are relatively easy to install. Of course on the downside, many don't like how they look, they don't provide any extra ground clearance for the frame, and they do place extra leverage on the body mount, however for the most part this isn't a huge concern.
Longer shackles will help articulation and help solve clearance issues with the rear crossmember. On the other side, a longer shackle has a tendency to get caught up on things off-road, and can make the Jeep seem a little wobbly due to the extra leverage the shackles have. They do give the frame extra ground clearance, but they also hang down low in the front and in the rear and get hung up on things frequently if you go to long.
A suspension lift will replace your worn out suspension components and gains you ground clearance. Ride quality will depend which kit you choose, some ride better than others. On the down side, suspension lifts do cost more than other methods, can require additional driveline modifications, and does raise your center of gravity.
SOA can provide ample room for larger tires, increase your articulation, and still allow the use of factory springs. However with a SOA conversion, steering, spring wrap, and driveline angles must be addressed. Expect a SOA done right to cost at least as much as a bolt on lift, if not more.

Well now for my opinion, remember this is just my opinion, and the board is here for a reason so don't hesitate to ask questions. 4" lifts for a YJ/CJ start out just over $400 making them a hard deal to pass up. I would recommend a 4" lift for a YJ/CJ, just because many 2" kits are nearly the same price as the 4" kits. Shackles and body lifts should then be used to gain additional tire clearance if necessary. Remember shackles will help articulation and gain you frame clearance, so they should done before a body lift. Lift shackles are available in up to 2" of lift, but I would recommend you stick to 1" of lift. Unless you plan on running tires larger than 35", SOA is not the way to go. Remember too, that these are just recommendations for optimal results, if all you can afford for the time being is a body lift, I say go for it.
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