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Types of Lift -
Suspension lift - This is what the name infers, it's a suspension designed to lift the vehicle. The upside to a suspension lift is it lifts the frame and everything high off the ground and allows for more articulation. The only real downside is the initial cost.
Body Lift - Not quite as functional as a suspension lift, but will allow you to clear larger tires. A body lift consists of spacers that go in between the body and frame, they only lift the body up, the frame will stay at the same height, and you gain no real articulation.
Spring Over - This is a conversion for leaf springs it will move the axle from on top of the springs to underneath the springs. You can gain 5-5.5" of lift from this, read the SOA section in this FAQ before thinking about this.
Budget Boost - This is a spacer lift for TJs, many like to start with this, its simple and cheap. A budget boost lift consists of coil spring spacers and new shocks, most are about 2" of lift.
Short Arm - Short arm kits are for coil sprung vehicles. They normally use basically stock length control arms. The ride isn't quite as good as impacts and such are more directly transferred to the body. This affect is minimal though, for many the short arm kit is a good solution, and can be half of the price of a long arm kit.
Long Arm - Long arm kits ride better and flex better than short arm kits. The control arm mounts are relocated to allow for better arm angles. The downside here is the price, depending on what you do, a long arm kit may not be necessary.

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