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What do I need to regear?
First thing you need to decide is whether you need a new carrier or not. Using the chart below, you can see if your YJ Dana35 has 3.07s currently, you will need a new carrier to go to 4.56.
TJ Low Pinion Dana 303.07-3.553.73-4.88
YJ High Pinion Dana 302.73-3.543.73-4.88
CJ Dana 302.72-3.543.73-5.38
Dana 442.87-3.733.92-5.38
Dana 352.73-3.31*3.55-4.56*

*Dana 35 carriers are different 93 and earlier, than 93 and later Jeeps.
The pinion shrinks in size as your gear ratio goes numerically higher, so the ring gear needs to be physically moved closer to ensure proper mesh. This is why you need different carriers, the carrier actually moves the ring gear closer or farther away to compensate for changes in pinion sizes.
As far as parts goes, carriers (when needed), ring and pinion, install kit, and a new speedo gear are needed to regear your axles. This link will help explain gear setup basics.
Now before you jump into deciding to regear your Jeep yourself, you'd better do lots of research, regearing isn't for everyone, and requires various special tools.
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