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Gear Compatibility
As a general rule of thumb, ring and pinions for an axle are only different if they are high or low pinion. For example a Ford front Dana44 ring and pinion, can go in the back of your Jeep Dana44 assuming both are low pinion axles. In most cases the carriers, spiders, etc, are identical in both high and low pinion axles. So a locker, or carrier from a high pinion axle will fit a low pinion axle. So basically a low pinion Dana35 gear set is a low pinion Dana 35 gear set, doesn't matter what it came from, or what it's going into. Other internals are the same no matter what, doesn't matter if its a high pinion or low pinion. Now there are a few odd-ball exceptions out there, like Rubicon 44s are different than standard 44s, so those parts wouldn't be interchangeable.

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