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Wagoneer Springs for a CJ/YJ:
Wagoneer Springs are becoming a popular swap for leaf sprung CJ/YJs. A stock Wagoneer spring gives a CJ/YJ 2" of lift, and gains you 2" of wheelbase. Running them front and rear will gain you a total of 4" of wheelbase. The gain in wheelbase is due to an offset center pin. The center pin is split 22.5" and 24.5", giving a 2" offset. Eye to eye the measure 44.56", only slightly longer than a YJ spring, so you can still use the factory hangers. You can use the front leaf springs off of a 76-92 full size Wagoneer. The rears can not be used, they are very different from the front and way to long to use in a Wrangler. While this mod seems pretty simple but, keep in mind you'll have to lengthen driveshafts, and make sure things like your gas tank and your steering isn't in the way.

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