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Glossary -
Add-A-Leaf (AAL)- Used to increase load carrying capacity or lift the Jeep.
AT - All terrain tire.
Beadlocks- A wheel designed with a ring that physically clamps the tire to the wheel.
Budget Boost (BB)- Spacers placed on top of a coil spring to lift the Jeep.
Body Lift (BL)- Spacers placed in between the body and the frame.
Motor Mount Lift (MML) - Lifts the motor for improved driveline angles.
MT - Mud terrain tire.
Spring Over (SOA)- Conversion for leaf sprung Jeeps, places the leaf spring on top the axle.
Spring Under (SUA)- Stock for leaf sprung short wheelbase Jeeps, the axle is mounted on top of the spring.
On Board Air (OBA)- Source of compressed air carried on a vehicle.
Slip Yoke Eliminator (SYE)- Eliminates the slip yoke on the rear of the transfer case.

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