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CJ 2.5" Front Spring Swap:
One of the upgrades to the front suspension of the YJ was a 2.5" wide leaf spring. Converting to these 2.5" wide YJ springs can result in a better ride, increase stability, and increased articulation. Swapping in the 2.5" springs is actually pretty straight forward. You must buy or make new spring plates, for the u-bolts to go through. The fixed end of the spring mount is already the correct width. The shackle end however must be dealt with. Your options are to use a special adapter shackle, or purchase new rear CJ spring hangers. The 2.5" rear hangers will bolt in nearly the same place as the stock 2" front shackle hangers (They end up just slightly forward of old mounts). Typically this mod is done when going over SOA.
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