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WJ Knuckle Swap:
A WJ knuckle swap is actually a pretty involved swap. The WJ knuckles gives you high-steer, and much larger brakes, complete with dual piston rotors. The knuckles will just bolt onto a stock Dana30, however that's about the end of bolt on stuff. First off the track bar bracket, steering stabilizer, and sway bar brackets are all in the way. These must be relocated, meaning new brackets have to be welded on. 1/4" spacers must also be welded to the face of the steering knuckles. You also need a 1/4" spacer for the calipers as well. Then the stock wheel bearings can be bolted back on. The WJ rotors must be redrilled to the 5 on 4.5 bolt pattern as they are 5 on 5 factory. Then the brakes can be bolted on (Note 03-up WJ brakes are preferred). Typically people use the stock WJ tie-rod ends, what you use for steering linkages is really up to you.

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