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Restoring Faded TJ Flares:
If you have TJ flares they are most likely grey at this point. There are several ways to bring back the black color of the flares. Below are three methods of bringing back the black color to your current flares:
Chemicals-Several companies make products that are meant to bring back the color to the faded flares. An example would be Mother's Back to Black. These products are easy to apply as they just wipe on, and tend to work ok for a while. Depending on your environment results can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Not exactly a permanent fix.
Heat-One of the better ways to restore faded flares is to take a heat gun to them. The heat will turn them black and the affect lasts longer than chemicals. Removing the flares is not necessary to heat them. Depending on your environment the results can last anywhere from one to six months.
Paint-After you get tired of heating your flares, its time to admit it and just paint them. Removing the flares is not necessary you can mask them off and paint them on the Jeep. You will either have to use actual plastic paint, or use an adhesion promoting primer, and then a coat of regular paint. My painted flares are two years old at this point, and nothing has hurt the paint so far.


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