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Prepare for a trip:

Trail preparation is very important. First thing is first, never go alone, always have at least one other vehicle.
Your vehicle at the very minimum should have/contain:
-Tow hooks
-Full size spare and stuff to change the spare
-At least one tow strap
-Basic first aid items.
Things that are nice to have
-Spare parts and tools to change them. Having spare u-joints doesn't help if you don't have anything to change them with.
-Tire plug kit
-GPS, compass, map, have something to point you in the right direction.
-Fire Extinguisher
Be smart when packing for a trip, if your going in the middle of winter, carry at least one blanket, stuff happens be prepared. I always take spare clothes and shoes. On larger trips we take enough spare parts to build another Jeep. Divide stuff like this up, for example, I'll carry spare springs, axle parts, and tools. Another vehicle might have every thing to do with steering and brakes. Another vehicle will have fluids and filters. On milder trips we go a little less prepared, but still carry common things like u-joints, fluids, etc. Always tell someone where you are going and when you will be back. Try working on your Jeep with just the tools you carry in it, you will soon find out what you don't have in your tool kit.
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