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Check Engine Light: -
The check engine light on most Chryslers can be retrieved by simply turning the key on and off three times. Turn the key to run position, back one click, run, back one click, run, the check engine light should start to flash on older Jeeps. One flash, pause two flashes, would be code 12. It should start with code 12 ends with code 55. It will repeat the codes three times before moving to the next code. OBDII vehicles (anything 96-up) use codes that contain both letters and numbers. Newer Jeeps with the digital odometers will actually display codes on the odometer. For example, it may display P0301, which would be a misfire on cylinder one. Almost all parts stores will scan OBDII vehicles for free, if you take it to a parts store write down the actual code number for your reference. Once you have some sort of code number, we can usually get you straighten around, and answer any questions you may have.
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