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H1 Wheels
H1 is arguably is the cheapest way to get a double beadlock wheel. H1 wheels can be bought cheap, I've seen sets of 4 with 36" tires for $400 at surplus stores. They are 8 on 6.5" bolt pattern, which is what most all 8-lug axles are. The biggest problem however is that they are 7" backspace, so in the front they leave pretty much the entire hub sticking out past the wheel and tire. The 7" backspace may cause clearance issues with the steering, and other suspension components. This is why most people have them re-centered to get less backspacing. H1 wheels are 16.5" tall x 8.25" wide, which does somewhat limits your tire choices. Also note that there is a 8 bolt version, and a 12-bolt version. The 12-volt version is obviously more desirable and stronger. You may also notice that some of the H1 wheels come with run-flats, this just depends on whether you get the military or civilian version. The military versions got a magnesium run flat.
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