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Mounting Beadlocks

Well I was asked about some pictures mounting beadlocks, so here they are.
First thing to do is clean the mounting surface of the wheel, remove and dirt/mud thats caked on. The wheels have to be clean to ensure the beads seal:
Clean the mounting Surface

Toss the tire on the wheel, even with brand new tires they will pretty much fall on:
Toss the tire on wheel

Inserting a bag of balancing beads:
Internal balancing Beads

Center the tire the best you can. Luckily with my beadlocks the ring is contoured to fit the tire bead, therefore it will center itself so all I have to do is get it close. Not all beadlocks are like this though.
Center the tire

The bolts included with the wheels won't come close to reaching when you first start clamping the tire down, therefore you need longer bolts to start with. I use 8 starting bolts, every 4 holes.
Use Starting Bolts with washers

Notice my longer bolts have silver washers, the ones with the wheels are gold, that way I can easily tell which bolts need to be taken back out and replaced with the shorter ones.
Starting Bolts are a different Color

Once I get the regular bolts started, I removed the longer bolts and replace with the short bolts. At this point I have 16 out of 32 bolts on. I normally will go ahead and torque the first 16 bolts to 12 ft-lbs. a couple of times, then install the rest.
Switch to the Real Bolts

Here Mrs. OhioYJ is torquing down the bolts. All the bolts get torqued to 12 ft-lbs. on my wheels. It takes a full hour to torquing and re-torquing all the bolts, to get them to fully seat. Its probably about time I have my torque wrench re-calibrated. :
Enlist an Attractive Helper

Once all the bolts are at 12 ft-lbs. its time to inflate the tire and seat the inner bead. This couldn't be easier. Hook the valve stem up to your compressor, or the gas stations compressor, and press in the center of the wheel mounting surface once. Normally a slight push is all that is require for that inner bead to seal up enough for it to inflate, as its inflating the inner bead will eventually pop out. This is a picture while its inflating:
Inflate the tire after torquing

Here's what I mean by pushing in the center of the mounting surface:

You just push on the wheel enough for the inner bead to just barely seat, it will seal enough to hold air, then the air will do the rest of the work for you.
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