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Taurus Fan Swap
An electric fan has several advantages. First and foremost it helps reduce drag on the motor so it frees up some horsepower. Second you can turn it off during deep water crossings to help ensure your fan can't hurt the radiator. One popular swap is the Taurus fan swap. Ford used a 2-speed fan on many of its cars with the 3.8 liter V6. Most people hunt for a 90-95 Taurus with the 3.8, or the Lincoln Mark VIII 3.8 fans. Some of the Tauruses came with a dual fan setup, this is not what you are looking for. These fans are available new too, local parts stores can order them. First thing you'll notice on the fan, is that there are 3 wires, one for ground, one hot for low speed, another hot for high speed. Most parts stores carry a universal fan wiring setup, which only turns the fan once the coolant reaches a certain temperature, this would be ideal. Please note that the Taurus fan can draw up to 90 amps when first starting on high speed, so the high speed side of the fan wiring, needs to have a very healthy relay.

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