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Gaining Flex
There a handful of things you can do to increase articulation on your Jeep. Now obviously you could fabricate a custom 4-link and gain flex, but that's not what this section is about. This will help ensure you are getting the most out of your current suspension setup.
  • Disconnect your sway bar off-road.
  • Check for proper shock length.
  • Make sure your brake hoses are long enough.
  • Make sure the front driveshaft is not hitting the skid plate.
  • Make sure your bump stops are proper length.
  • Make sure your emergency brake cable is not acting as a limiting strap
  • On a YJ track bars can create some suspension bind, disconnecting them can help.
  • On a YJ proper shackle length can be an issue, typically a slightly longer than stock shackle will gain you some articulation.
  • Your suspension bolts should be properly torqued, if they are too tight they can limit you, and hurt ride quality.

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