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Can I remove my track bar?
On a TJ absolutely not. On a YJ you can. The track bar creates a bind in the suspension as it articulates, so removing it will help your articulation You can remove the rear track bar and the difference in handling will be so minimal you probably won't notice. Many people ditch the rear track bar as soon as they buy their Jeeps. However, removing the front will give the Jeep a more vague feel on the road. If your going to run without a track bar on the front, having good bushings in the leaf springs and the frame will go a long way to fight the vague feeling. I've driven mine for about a year with no track bars and no sway bars, and it will still go down the highway fine. That being said, my recommendation would be to actually ditch the rear track bar, but only remove the front when off-roading. When I was SUA I only undid the axle side of the track bar and tied it up to the frame when offroad.

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