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What size wheel should I run?
Wheel size depends on many things. If off roading is your vehicles primary function a narrow rim maybe a better choice, as it will hold the bead better off road. If you run mainly on the road a wider wheel may actually be a better choice. While larger tires and wheels are becoming more popular, most people still choose to run 15" wheels. 15" wheels generally have more tire choices, and the tires are cheaper. For most Jeeps people either run 15x8 or 15x10. If your running something like a 31x10.5, you pretty much have to use the 15x8, however, if you are looking at something like a 33x12.50 you can run either the 15x8 or the 15x10. With a 12.5" wide tire, and 15x8 will hold the bead a little better off-road, pretty much keeps the tire under the stock flares, and the wheels rim is protected by the tire. A 15x10 will give you a wider stance, and the tire will stick outside the factory flares. The 15x10 will also allow you to run more air pressure and still achieve even tire wear. This link will further explain wheels.
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