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My DRZ400S Buildup

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My bike has always had an HID in it, however to go with the rest of new black plastics, I decided to swap over to a black LED headlight. I didn't want to hack up any of the factory stuff, so below is my solution. It will still be adjustable, just not without removing the headlight shroud (how often do you really adjust the headlight though?)
DRZ LED Headlight
Added a small piece between the two mounting tabs for the headlight. Really the only purpose it serves is a place to zip tie wiring to, and it keep the wiring up off the light. That's why there isn't one on the bottom.
DRZ LED Headlight Bracket
Of course don't want to leave it bare aluminum, so it got a coat of black paint:
Final LED Headlight Bracket
Ordered a couple heat shields, ended up ordering one more. Decided on this one for the moment.Note thats not the way DRC makes them, I did polish it some.
DRZ Painted Headlight Bracket
Since the headlight is almost done, time to get the AFR gauge and the O2 sensor wired up.
Bracket installed on the new headlight, and the rubber gasket in place around the new headlight. The OEM headlight had foam gasket material there, so I figured the new light should have something.
DRZ Headlight Gasket
LED headlight installed:
DRZ LED Headlight Installed
I'm still going back and forth on the heat shield, but out of the ones I ordered, this one definitely looks the best.
MRD Heat Shield Installed
Starting final assembly
Black DRZ Conversion
The big bore build and black conversion completed:
Black DRZ
Black DRZ with LED
My eBay LED headlight had started to fog up internally. So I decided to replace it with a JNS Engineering DOT version. It did just bolt in as advertised. The only thing I liked a little better about my bracket was the brace at the top which gave me a spot to mount the wires to. The light however, is much better and brighter.
JNS LED Headlight
Swapping the front turn signals required new front brackets. They sell filler pieces for the OEM brackets, but it's pretty easy to make new ones:
DRZ Turn Signal Brackets
I went with the 12 OClock Labs Advanced Programmable Turn Signals:
12 OClock Labs Turn Signals
Finally decided to pick up a kick start kit:
DRZ Kickstart Kit
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