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My DRZ400S Buildup

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I decided to go ahead and shorten my RS2:
Shorten DRZ RS2
This actually turned out to be a bit harder than I had planned, but overall not too bad:
Shorty DRZ Exhaust
The sound level only increased by 1 dB over it's stock form, but it looks much better in my opinion:
Shorten RS2 DRZ400 Exhaust
Doing a big bore kit had been a on my list of things to do for a while. Finally decided to do it. Starting the motor tear down:
DRZ400 Cylinder Head
There was a little bit of carbon build up but not to bad really.
DRZ400 Stock Piston
Lots of parts scattered about. Yes that is my Yoshimura exhaust cut, it refused to cooperate. It wasn't going back on anyways, but I had hoped to get it off in one piece (I tried everything).
DRZ400 Big Bore Tear Down
New piston in place:
DRZ400 Big Bore Piston
New piston in place:
DRZ400 Big Bore Cylinder
Picked up a new airbox to replace my existing one. I have started modifying it for the new intake setup.
DRZ400 Air Box Mod
Mocking up the plate for the LTZ intake:
LTZ Intake Adapter Plate
I wanted to get rid of the graphics on the tank, which would allow me to get rid of the graphics on the tank shrouds. I noticed however blue plastics are getting harder to find, so I decided to go black.
DRZ Tank Prepped for Paint
After paint:
DRZ Black Tank
Final fitment of the LTZ intake:
LTZ Adapter Plate
It's a tight fit. I ended up putting the pipe in the press to oval it some to gain some clearance, and it's still less clearance than I'd like but it does clear.
LTZ Intake Installed
Cut a rubber gasket for the intake plate to go between the plate and the air box.
LTZ Adapter Plate Gasket
Decided to polish the intake tube. That is a port for the oil box, just like factory.
LTZ Intake Conversion
I had ovaled the pipe even more than I had the previous day because it was such a tight fit around the shock. Then I had lined the air box and plate with some hose to make it air tight. However once every thing was bolted tight, nothing cleared. So now I only have hose on one side to move the pipe away from the shock. The hose clamp on the pipe (it has black heat shrink around it to make it look better, and protect the aluminum intake some) will help be a barrier between the aluminum intake the shock / spring should they happen to touch now. The dab of silicone on one side will hopefully keep everything from rattle or moving too much.
LTZ Intake Completed
Next exhaust got mounted.
MRD Z Pro Exhaust
It's the MRD Z-Pro, so it's tight everywhere. Notice my homemade low profile bolt in the engine mount. I couldn't come up with a button head bolt this late in the day on the weekend.
MRD Z Pro Clearance
The black body work is starting to go on.
DRZ Black Conversion

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