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My DRZ400S Buildup

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I finally found a supermoto, at a decent price, decent shape, and low miles. This is my 2005 DRZ400S as I picked it up:
My DRZ as I bought it
I did the "free power" mod, I didn't gain anything, but should prevent problems later down the road:
DRZ Free Power Mod
Being a used bike, it was treated to a partial tear down to check and service various things:
DRZ Tear down for maintenance
So the Warp9 wheels don't use the factory speed sensor, so I picked up a Vapor speedo:
Vapor Speedo
Cut a much larger hole in the air box:
Started with a larger than 3x3
The bike was definitely way too quiet, so a full Yoshimura RS2 exhaust went on, and the factory carb was re-jetted.
Yosh RS2 Exhaust
At this point I decided to pull the swing arm and service all the bearings and seals to prevent problems. Everything was pretty nasty, it was a good thing I did.
Swing Arm Service
With the 15 / 44 combo the bike did not like highway speeds, so installed a 15 / 38 combo with a new chain of course:
Went to a 15 38 Combo for a bit more Highway friendly riding
At this point it was finally ready to really ride it:
Ready to ride now
Scored a used set of FatBars off eBay dirt cheap:
Scored some FatBars off eBay
This mean re-locating the ignition key though:
Relocated the Ignition Key
The bike clearly wasn't mean for someone of my weight, so I swapped out the springs front and rear to balance it out:
Time to respring it for my weight
When I bought the bike no fork lock key was available. On top of that a lock smith couldn't get the existing lock out as it was frozen from not being used. So I ordered one and proceeded to drill out the existing lock. This was not fun as part way through drilling it locked. Then even after being drilled through it still would not come out. I ended up thread a bolt into it to force it out of the frame. Some how I managed not to damage anything and installed the new lock without issue. However it still meant the steering stem bearings had to come out for service to make sure no metal shavings got in:
Replaced the DRZ fork lock spring
Picked up some braided stainless lines for the front and rear:
DRZ Braided brake hoses
Even though my bike had the factory gel seat, it was less than comfortable. I ended up picking up a SeatConcepts standard seat.
DRZ Seat Concepts seat
DRZ Seat Concepts Seat
Even with jetting the factory carb really wasn't impressive, so I ordered an FCR39, found a good deal on a brand new slant FCR39:
Sudco Slant FCR39 DRZ Carb
The wife is getting smarter, she's figuring out if something says "Race use only" it's probably something I didn't really "need".
Slant FCR39 DRZ Carb
Time to add some more holes the air box, just for good measure:
Added more Holes to the airbox
Added more holes to the airbox
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