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My 370Z Buildup

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So this won't be much of a buildup, as I bought this car, as a daily driver. It will get some modifications, but I have to be fairly reasonable with it. I got a good deal on this 370Z new:
2016 370Z Front View
2016 370Z Rear View
I bought right before winter though, so I figured it'd probably be smart to pick up some snow tires. I was able to pick up a set of Rays from a 350Z cheap and cloned my current TPMS
2016 370Z Snow Tires
From day one I never liked the way the car shifted. The throw was plenty short enough already, it just wasn't quite right. So one of the first things I did order was a TWM shifter. Seeing how it was middle of winter though, I wasn't that anxious to install it.
TWM 370Z Shifter
Another gripe I had was with the clutch feedback, or lack thereof. The clutch pedal feel was completely linear, there is no feel at all. One of the fixes without ordering a completely new clutch pedal (the real fix) is to remove the clutch pedal "assist spring" and replace it with a lighter one. I did this, and the OEM clutch pedal does feel nicer.
370Z Clutch Spring
I tried to install the shifter without removing the entire console but, this was a lost cause.
370Z Console Removal
This is the OEM shifter just before removal:
370Z OEM Shifter
TWM Shifter installed with a Voodoo shift knob.
370Z Voodoo Shift Knob
Next project was the Stillen G3 Intake. I was hesitant on this one at first because I didn't want to pull the front bumper. However, after doing this once, it's no big deal.
370Z Front Bumper Cover
Lots of bending things here and there. Cut one stud off to gain some clearance between the left filter. It's a tight fit, that's for sure.
370Z Stillen G3 Intake
370Z Stillen G3 Intake
Had to pull the 370Z emblem. Really liked the Japanese Fairlady Z emblem more.
Fairlady Z Emblem
Next on the list was exhaust parts. The exhaust is Fast Intentions, the cats are Berk.
370Z Berk High Flow Cats

370Z Fast Intentions Exhaust

370Z Fast Intentions Exhaust
Well quiet cars aren't fun, so had to order some exhaust parts. The exhaust is Fast Intentions, the cats are Berk.
370Z Berk High Flow Cats
After doing the exhaust it was time to have the car tuned. It picked up power and torque everywhere. However the biggest difference was the throttle response. The car is night and day different.
370Z ECUTek Tuning
I added a switch to disable the YAW sensor. My OCD wouldn't allow for just one switch and two blank panels though. So I ordered three switches. I think with the three switches it looks OEM anyways.
370Z Yaw Switch Disable
I wanted something a little larger than the stock sport spoiler, so I picked up a Fly1 spoiler.
Fly1 Carbon Fiber Duckbill
In the end I decided having just one carbon fiber piece on my car wasn't going to look right. So I had it painted to match the car.
Fly1 Painted Duckbill
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