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Window Sweep Replacement

So I recently had to replace the outer window sweeps on my doors. Much to my surprise there really isn't much information out there about this. The good news is these just clip in place. The bad news is you can't do it with the window in the way. The window can stay in the door though.
Remove the door. With the window up, look in the bottom of the door and you will see a rubber bumper. You need to remove this. This will allow you to drop the window glass down further.
Remove Window Bumper

Now lower the window down so you can remove the two large phillips screws from the window regulator, so the glass is free. Make sure you have someone holding onto the window.
Remove Window Regulator

This will allow you to drop the glass down into the door. Slowly drop it all the way down into the bottom of the door.
Drop Window in Door

Now you can remove the old sweep if you haven't already. Start removing it on the side by the door latch/lock. You should be able to just pull up on it. If you have to you can pry up on it from the inside. Do NOT pry up on any of the other clips though the rest of the door is not strong enough to be pryed on. Once you get that clip free generally you pull the sweep back at an angle and the rest will come free pretty easily.
Full Door Window Sweep

When installing the new seal start at the mirror side the door. Make sure you get the seal under the vent window seal first. Once you get that clip in, the rest should go in pretty easily. Just remember when putting screws back in the window regulator, those screws are going into plastic and glass, they don't need to be super tight.
Once done your doors should look much better without those cracked window sweeps.
Full Door Window Sweep

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