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Warn / Tabor Winch Solenoid Wiring

So recently I went to use my winch, and it just clicked. Hitting the solenoid box would make it work, but it was time to replace the solenoids. Some how during the installation I messed up the wiring, and even my notes were wrong. I figured a diagram of the wiring would be easy to find, but it proved tougher than I thought. So I made one:
Warn Winch Solenoid Wiring Diagram
- Note the left and right solenoids are opposite of each other, make sure you pay attention to how they are actually installed.
- Winch solenoids are not just Ford starter solenoids. They are continuous duty solenoids, starter solenoids are NOT. Auto parts stores do sell continuous duty solenoids, however for the price its cheaper just to order the correct ones. Regular starter solenoids will have a very short lifespan. Also be aware if you just go into the auto parts store and ask for a continuous duty solenoid you will most likely get a blank stare. Even more so if you start talking amp ratings.
- To test solenoids, Green / Black wires are 12v+, Brown wires are ground. This should produce a click. To test further use an ohm-meter on the large posts to make sure the solenoid is actually opening / closing.
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