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TJ Intake on a YJ

During my master cylinder swap I ran into clearance issues and needed to come up with a new solution for my intake. I figured the easiest solution was to run a TJ intake. This is actually a pretty easy swap, which maybe why there is very little information on this. Here is what I learned, and why I chose what I did.
  • I chose the AEM cold air intake due to it's all metal construction. This made modifications to it easier if needed.
  • With my MML I chose not to run the throttle body spacer. In fact even without it the intake tube still rubbed the hood insulation. I ended up cutting 0.75" from the tube to lower it some to prevent this.
  • The heat shield will need clearance just a bit near the grille.
  • Dual battery trays make things tighter, but it should clear. (Does in my case)
  • Mounting the intake only required a couple angle brackets, and drilling a couple holes. It will require one brace at the top as well.
  • Completing the install in my case did require some 1/2" hose, a 1/2" "T" as well as a 1/2" splice.

The image below shows the trimming around the grille area:
TJ Intake Modifications
Here are the brackets I made to install the heat shield and hold the intake tube:
TJ Intake on a YJ
Everything installed:
TJ Intake in a YJ
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