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Removing Tie Rod Ends

Removing a tie-rod is pretty straight forward job. However getting the tie-rod out of the steering knuckle can be tough.
First thing is first, remove the nut on the tie-rod end. With the nut loose hit the tie-rod with a very large hammer, where the arrow shows below:
Smack the tie rod sideways

Smacking it sideways will temporarily elongate the hole in the steering knuckle, many times after a few sideways smacks the tie-rod will just fall out.
Usually after a few sideways smacks, I'll go ahead and put the nut back on the tie-rod end (upside down) then smack the top of the tie-rod end to try and knock it out.
Smack the tie rod down

Your other option is use a tie-rod puller. These are usually $10-15, or you can rent them at most auto parts stores.
Tie rod removal tool

Using tie rod removal tool

I prefer these style pullers over the pickle forks, pickle forks typically destroy the tie-rod boots in my experiences.
Now as mentioned before the tie-rods can be stubborn to remove, and the tie-rod puller tools are not that strong, so you may have to use a combination of the methods above to get the tie-rod to pop loose, try cranking down on the puller, then smack the tie-rod sideways a few times.
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