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Grant Steering Wheel Install

Installing a new steering wheel on your Jeep is pretty quick and simple process. It does require a steering wheel puller, but these can be rented from most auto parts stores. This writeup is from a YJ, most models without air bags are very similar.
You may want to start by disconnecting the horn, it's a single plug under the hood. If you don't disconnect the horn you will likely hear the horn go off a bunch during install process. The other option is to disconnect the battery. If you are working on a vehicle with an air bag, absolutely disconnect the battery.
Remember the orientation of the steering wheel. I would recommend starting with the wheels roughly straight. The kit I am installing only can be installed one way, so if the steering wheel was straight before, it will be straight after the install. If it was not centered before, it will still be off center.
Remove the horn button. On my YJ, it just pulls off:
Remove the horn button
Remove the three phillips screws that hold the horn actuator on:
Remove horn actuator
Now remove the center steering shaft nut:
Remove steering shaft nut
The steering wheel removal tool is pretty straight forward. The first time the steering wheel is removed it maybe pretty tight.
Use steering wheel removal tool
Once removed, I would recommend a bit of anti-seize on the splines of the steering shaft and adapter. This will make sure it comes off if you ever need to remove it again. On my YJ, "TOP B" was up. It will only go on one way.
Install grant steering wheel adapter
Now from your kit you should have new contact for your horn. The spring loaded metal dowel that is in the white plastic tube will just pull out by hand. Be careful there is a spring that will want to shoot out when you pull the metal dowel out. There is also small black plastic tube that you need to save. Using the spring from the kit, and the black plastic tube from the OEM parts, push the new horn contact into the white plastic tube.
Install New horn button hardware
I needed an additional spacer to reduce dish on the wheel. My wheel came with a spacer that was 2", I bought a new spacer that was only 1" (Black Part Number: 4001 / Polished 4002). So with the black cover over your adapter, start the three bolts to attach the wheel, or spacer/adapter in my case. The steering wheel instructions claimed 10 ft-lbs, I found my adapter wouldn't take that, and I had to order a new one. I suggest just tighten those three bolts by hand with a small ratchet. The center steering shaft nut is 25 ft-lbs like the instructions say.
I used optional reduced dish grant spacer
I was using one of Grant's signature wheels so the horn button was included, the only thing I needed to do was hook the single connector to the center connector. I did cover the spade terminal in heat shrink to prevent it from touching anything else.
Grant steering wheel in Jeep YJ
All you need to do is test the horn now.
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