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Starter Replacement
Replacing a starter on your Jeep isn't a big deal at all. This covers removing the smaller, gear reduction starters found on later YJs, and TJs, other earlier Jeeps are similar.
First thing to do is disconnect your battery. The starter can be found on the passenger side of the motor, next to the bellhousing:
Disconnect Battery first
Start by removing the two wires going to the starter, the larger one goes straight to the battery, the small one goes back to the ignition switch (older starters may only have the one larger wire).
Remove the two wires
Next remove the lower starter bolt:
Remove the lower bolt
Now from the other side remove the top bolt, make sure you hold the starter, once you remove the top bolt the starter will just pull out.
Remove the top bolt hold the starter
Just pull it out, and now you are ready to bolt the new starter in. It's as simple as that.
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