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Car Wash Soaps

Black Magic Good Black Magics Wet Shine Car Wash - This is easily the best soap I've used. It takes very little soap to get an extreme amount of suds, it cleans well, and rinses so clean you almost don't even have to dry your vehicle.
Black Magic Bad Black Magics Wet Shine Car Wash - Wait I already did this right? Wrong. Black Magic has re-done their car wash, it claims new and improved. It's still better than any other soap I've used, but its not better than their original. It still provides very good suds, and rinses clean, despite not being quite as impressive as the original.
Kit Soap Kit Carnuba Wash - For a cheaper soap this is actually a good quality product. It gives a good amount of suds, without using half the bottle, and rinses clean. Not necessarily the best soap I've used, but its good enough whenever I find it on a good sale, I pick it up. For a cheaper wash, this is a good choice.
Eagle One Soap Eagle One Wash - This is a decent product, but like many other Eagle One products, its a quality product, but not necessarily the best in any one catagory. It takes a decent amount of soap to get a good amount of suds, but it does clean well and rinses easily.
California Dreaming Soap California Dreaming - This is a cheap wash, made by Professional's Favorite. It is cheap pricewise, but actually surprisingly good for a cheap soap. It does take a bit of soap to get good suds, but since it's a cheaper product you won't mind using extra soap. Pricewise it's the cheapest soap I've used, but still a pretty decent product.
Blue Corral Soap Blue Corral - This product is very similar to the Eagle One product, its a decent product, but it does necessarily stand out in any one category. It says high suds, and I'd say it gives decent suds, and cleans well.
Armor All Gel Wash ArmorAll Gel Wash - This was an interesting idea. It's a bucket-less carwash, you wet the vehicle down, squeeze some gel on and rub it around. It takes a little bit of gel to get going, but once you get going it gives a good deal of suds, and works well. The bottle doesn't seem like it would last long, but it really does, it doesn't take hardly any gel to wash a vehicle. The only gripe I have with the bucketless carwash soaps, is they don't work well for wheels, body panels are fine, but the water/soap mixtures help quite a bit when trying to get brake dust and such off wheels. It was an interesting idea, but I still prefer traditional soaps.


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