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AX15 Short Throw Shifter Install

So I'll admit I never saw the point of short shifters on a Jeep until I drove Crazy Dan's YJ with a Hurst shifter. Ever since then I've wanted one. They offer not only a shorter throw, but much more precise shifting. B&M and Hurst both offer these shifters. I chose the B&M because it had the round shifter cane, allowing the stock shift boot to work perfectly.
Start by removing the shifter knobs by loosening the jam nut. On TJs there is a nut under the shift pattern.
Start by removing the shift knob
Next remove the shifter boot. TJ owners will be able to follow the instructions that came with the shifter.
Then remove the shift boot
Next you'll need to remove the 3 bolts holding the transfer case shifter to the transmission (TJ owners won't need to do this). There are two bolts on top, one going into the side.
Remove the bracket that holds transfer case shifter
Once you have the transfer case shifter out of the way, simply remove the four bolts holding on the shifter housing on.
Now remove the four bolts on thie shifter
Once the four bolts have been removed the shifter should just pull out. Now the shifter bushing must be transferred to the new shifter. Easiest way to remove this is to tilt it all the way in one direction and then use a small flat head in the center to pry it off (a piece of electrical tape around the flat head will keep it from damaging anything). Then just push it onto the new shifter.
Now pull the shifter out
Thoroughly clean the gasket mating surface with brake cleaner. If you had a gasket in there from the factory and it was not damaged you can re-use it. If it had nothing, or the gasket tore, just use silicone.
Clean the surface gasket surface
After tightening everything down install the shifter seal/boot, using the supplied spring clamp.
Install the shifter boot seal
So how well does it work? Here is a shot of the factory shifter vs the B&M:
Jeep factory shifter throw measurement
BM Short Shifter throw measurement
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